Hello I’m Sarah Blick, a London based illustrator who has been working in the design industry for ten years. I specialise in creating images that tell stories through scale, texture and characters.

Get in touch for commissions on or if you’d prefer to chat then call me on +44 (0)789 196 2121.

Before stepping out as a freelance illustrator I was an art director for a communications company. In this role I built a design department, created brands and designed everything from websites to newspapers.

One novelty jumper
Two texting teenagers
Three left shoes
Four nuisance phone calls
Five pints of pale ale (maybe one too many)
Six mince pies (eaten in one sitting)
Seven pigeons pooping overhead
Eight minute delay on the morning commute (this is going to be a bad day)
Nine ladies dancing
Ten leering lads
Eleven parties partied
Twelve realisations that you can’t wait for Christmas to be over…